We Employ Cookies

To enhance your experience on our website, cater to your preferences, and simplify navigation, we utilize ‘cookies.’

Understanding Cookies
A cookie, pixel, or similar technology is a small file or data stored on your computer or device when you visit our website. It enables the site to remember your choices and actions (such as login credentials, language preference, and display settings) across visits, eliminating the need to repeatedly input them.

Your Choices

By using our website, you consent to the storage and utilization of cookies on your device.

While you can typically browse our site without cookies, specific sections may not function optimally or may exhibit slower performance.

Should you prefer not to store cookies, you can disable this option in your browser’s settings. Additionally, you have the ability to delete stored cookies within your browser’s settings at any time.

Categories of Cookies

Our use of cookies varies based on purpose and function.

Some cookies are:

  • Technically Essential

Certain cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and its features. These are automatically applied unless your browser settings reject cookies.

  • Convenience and Performance

These non-essential cookies enhance your browsing convenience and site performance. They may retain settings you’ve configured. These cookies also provide insights into usage frequency, aiding targeted improvements.

Duration of Storage

Session Cookies: Some cookies are active only during your website session (‘session cookies’), becoming invalid or erased upon leaving the site or when your session ends. These maintain specific information during your session.

Persistent Cookies: Other cookies endure for a longer period, recognizing you during future site visits to offer faster access or enhanced convenience, such as retaining language preferences. Permanent cookies auto-delete after a predefined time.

Flow Cookies: These facilitate internal server communication within our company group. They receive a unique identification number, but don’t reveal personal details.

Source of Cookies

Provider Cookies

Cookies placed by us or our authorized site operator.

Third-Party Cookies

‘Third-party cookies’ are used by other organizations or websites, including Web analytics tools. External parties may also employ cookies for advertising or social media integration.

Cookies for Web Analytics and Reach Assessment

We employ Google Analytics, a service by Google Inc., for website analysis. Google Analytics employs cookies to gauge usage frequency and preferences. Data generated by cookies (including truncated IP addresses) are sent to a US-based Google server for analysis. Google compiles reports on site activity, offers services related to site and Internet use, and may share data with third parties as required by law or as part of data processing agreements.